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Blood Tests Near Me from A Walk-In Clinic Are More Reliable Than At-Home Tests

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s been a boom in “do it yourself” blood and disease testing kits.  In certain situations, such as cases where a person knows they’re carrying a communicable disease, this can make sense.  However, overall, at-home tests tend to be less reliable and have more problems than getting testing at an actual clinic.

Many people are put off by the high costs of testing at a regular doctor’s office or hospital, not to mention the potentially long wait to even get an appointment.  Fortunately, there’s another option: your friendly local Pasadena walk-in clinic.  Walk-in clinics offer excellent healthcare services at affordable prices while offering better results than DIY testing.

Why Visit Your Nearest Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic When You Need Blood Testing

There are several reasons why doing at-home tests is likely to bring unreliable results, compared to going to a walk-in clinic.

1 – Sample collection problems

At-home blood tests typically only require a few drops of blood, but the truth is, that’s just not much blood.  And it’s easy for the sample to get contaminated – either by improper collection or during its long trip through the postal service.

The trained professionals at a Pasadena walk-in clinic know how to safely (and painlessly!) pull enough blood to get a truly reliable reading, without the risk of contamination messing up the results.

2 – At-home tests take time

If you suspect you have a disease, you don’t want to spend days or weeks worrying about it, right?  When you use an at-home test, it’s convenient in the moment, but then you have to mail the sample off, wait and wait, and then finally the results get mailed back.

When you visit a walk-in clinic for your blood or disease tests, you can often get the results the same day.  If not, you’ll still receive them much more quickly than if you have to wait for results to come by mail.

3 – More robust testing

There are numerous ways of testing blood or saliva for disease, and not all of them are an option with at-home testing. A professional urgent care clinic has access to more labs, and more testing techniques, which further helps ensure you get truly reliable results.

Get Blood Testing Near You

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena offers a full range of disease and STD testing, as well as services for people with long-term diseases such as diabetes. Next time you need testing, visit us for fast, confidential, and reliable testing results.

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