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Why You Should Visit Your Local Pasadena Walk-In Clinic For Your Basic Medical Needs

If you have a sudden medical issue come up, but one which isn’t life-threatening – like a deep cut that needs stitches, or a bad burn – what do you do?  In most cases, you’d have to wait days for an appointment at a doctor’s office, or else pay a huge fee to visit the Emergency Room.  Neither sounds like a good choice.

Fortunately, there’s another alternative: visiting your local Pasadena walk-in clinic!   Walk-in clinics (also called “Urgent Care clinics”) are the perfect option for medical problems which aren’t life-threatening.  If you haven’t visited one before, here are just a few of the reasons they’re becoming so popular.

Four Reasons To Visit Your Pasadena Walk-In Clinic For Minor Medical Problems

1 -You don’t need an appointment

Like the name says, you can truly walk in whenever you need.  Walk-in clinics are geared around treating people as quickly as possible, so there’s no need for an appointment.  If you’re in trouble, you don’t have to wait.  In fact, you’ll almost certainly spend less time waiting than if you went to the ER.

2 – Insurance isn’t required

Walk-in clinics are trying to make better medical care affordable for everyone!  For that reason, you never need to have insurance to receive care.  Of course, insurance is accepted if you have it, including Medicare/Medicaid and most major California insurers.


3 – Prices are reasonable

You get quality care at a walk-in clinic, but at prices that aren’t hugely inflated.  We do everything we can to keep costs as low and reasonable as possible.  So, even if you have to pay out-of-pocket, you won’t be bankrupted by the bill.  You can also get generous payment plans and other deferred payment options if you need them.

4 – All the non-emergency services you need

A typical Pasadena walk-in clinic offers a wide range of services.  This includes basic checkups and preventative care, first aid, disease testing, physical examinations, vaccinations, chronic disease management, OB-GYN services, setting bones, draining cysts, pregnancy testing, and much more.

Urgent care clinics also typically have pharmacies on-site, so that you can get any medications you need in a single place.

In short, urgent care clinics can take care of all your family’s medical needs aside from genuine life-threatening emergencies.  For basic everyday healthcare services, we’re fast, reliable, and affordable.  So, the next time you need medical help, come visit Urgent Care of Pasadena.

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