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If you’ve been watching the growth of your local neighborhood, you might have noticed an urgent care clinic here in Pasadena.  Chances are, you may not have paid it much mind.  However, perhaps you should! Urgent care clinics are a new type of healthcare, one designed specifically for the needs of hard-working people who don’t have time for long doctors’ appointments and may not be able to afford the sort of fees hospitals charge.

That urgent care clinic near you might be just the thing you need to take care of your everyday medical needs!

What Is Pasadena Urgent Care?

Urgent care clinics are legitimate medical facilities, staffed by fully trained and licensed doctors and nurses, designed to provide prompt affordable treatment for most common medical issues.

Broadly speaking, they have three areas of expertise:

  1. Routine checkups, physicals, and other testing

Does your family need a yearly checkup?  Does your workplace require drug and STD testing?  Do you need a pap smear or other OB/GYN services?  Your friendly local Pasadena urgent care clinic is the perfect place for these sorts of “everyday” needs.  You can get the tests you need done at a minimum cost, at a clinic designed to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

It’s much faster and more affordable to go to urgent care for these sorts of procedures.

  1. Disease management 

If you have been diagnosed with a disease that requires ongoing management and prescriptions, urgent care in Pasadena will save you a lot of money.  Urgent care clinics can help with conditions such as diabetes, respiratory infections, skin rashes, cysts, warts, STDs, and more.  With a full pharmacy on-site, and staff empowered with prescription privileges, they can provide everything you need to manage your illness.

  1. Medical emergencies which aren’t life-threatening

Urgent care should also be your first call if you or a family member suffers a medical problem which is serious, but not immediately life-threatening.  This would be issues such as cooking burns, shallow cuts, sports injuries, simple bone fractures, or food poisoning.

There are limits to what urgent care can provide.  Serious issues such as heart attacks, strokes, gunshots, etc., still require hospitalization.

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena – Your Affordable Source for Everyday Medical Help

Don’t waste time and money at a hospital.  Visit your Pasadena urgent care clinic for prompt help!


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