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Why Are Walk-In Clinics So Important?

Everyone knows that the American healthcare system is expensive and hard to access, and the problem only seems to be growing over time.  People who lack health insurance – or can only afford substandard insurance – are often unable to obtain the healthcare that they or their families need. Or, if they’re in an accident, they could end up stuck with crippling hospital bills.  Even relatively minor injuries, like setting a broken bone, could send someone into bankruptcy.

Walk-In clinics are one of the few options fighting back against this trend! When you visit a walk-in clinic near Pasadena, you’ll be able to receive quality healthcare for almost any non-life-threatening issue, in a convenient way – and at affordable prices!

What Do Pasadena Walk-in Clinics Do?

The purpose of walk-in clinics near Pasadena, or anywhere else, is to provide basic health services at prices that regular people can afford. They can’t handle truly life-threatening events, such as grievous wounds or heart attacks, but they can take care of almost anything else.

For example:

  • Routine checkups
  • Physical examinations
  • Disease and STD testing
  • Prescriptions and long-term medication management
  • Simple broken bones
  • Minor burns
  • Cold and flu management
  • EKGs and X-Rays

These are all performed by fully qualified and licensed staff. The quality of care is just as good as you’d receive at other facilities.

Why Visit A Walk-In Clinic In Pasadena?

For non-critical medical needs, walk-in clinics offer so many benefits over regular hospitals and doctor’s offices:

1 – No appointment needed!

As the name suggests, you can walk into a walk-in clinic any time it’s open.  Of course, you can also make an appointment if you like.

2 – Faster service

Walk-in clinics are first-come, first-served. The average wait time is much shorter than if you were to go to the ER, for example.

3 – Affordable pricing

Prices at walk-in clinics are kept as low as possible so that healthcare can be accessible to anyone. Costs are rarely much more than $100-$200, and often less. Insurance is not required either, although most types of insurance are accepted if you are insured.

4 – On-site pharmacies

Many of the medications you need can be purchased from our office, saving you time.

Visit Our Walk-In Clinic Near You

Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena is here, whenever you need us. Don’t let your health slip because of high costs.  Come on by for great medical services.

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