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In preparing for your visit to a local urgent care facility for STD testing, it’s important that you know what to expect in the process. Our team at Advanced Urgent Care has helped many people through this difficult process, and in this new post, we’re highlighting what you can expect when you have STD testing at an urgent care facility.

Access to experts

The first and most important aspect of care during the STD testing process is having access to experts. The experts at the facility can help to answer your questions and provide you more information about the STD testing process. Once testing has been completed and you have your results, they can also help you move forward after diagnosis. This ensures that you’re never alone in taking on any potential health issues after the test has been completed.


Those working with urgent care facilities apply strict levels of confidentiality to their work. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about any information being made public after your visit to the facility. Only you and your healthcare professional will have access to this information and the urgent care facility must deploy comprehensive security to ensure that data is protected around the clock.

Speed of service

Comfort is critical when undergoing STD testing and part of achieving comfort is ensuring that the testing work is completed promptly. STD testing teams at urgent care facilities will work to ensure that you have your results promptly to minimize your level of discomfort.

Affordable options

Working with a qualified STD testing expert at an urgent care facility can help you to find all the available information about financing options for your future care. If you require medication or further testing, you can speak to the urgent care team about their financing services to limit your concerns during this challenging period.

Our experienced team at Advanced Urgent Care is here to help guide you through your health challenges and ensure you achieve comfort for the years ahead. To learn more about your STD testing options, call us today.

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