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If you have reason to think you’ve been exposed to a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), time really is of the essence.  You need to know the truth as soon as possible, for your sake, as well as the sake of anyone else you might come into contact with.  That means looking for medical services offering same-day STD testing, and those can be hard to come by… unless you visit your local Pasadena urgent care clinic!

Why an Urgent Care Clinic Is Your Best Choice for Same-Day STD Testing

First, to be clear, so far there is no way to instantly test for STDs.  In any situation, it will take a few days for the tests to come back.  When we talk about “same-day STD testing,” that means your ability to begin the testing process.  The faster you go to a clinic to submit your samples, the faster you get your results.

That’s why same-day testing matters.

Then, the question is how to get tested.  Broadly speaking, you’ve got three options:  A doctor’s office, at-home tests, or a clinic.

Going to a doctor’s office might be your first instinct, but you’ll be waiting.  A lot.  Across America, it takes an average of three weeks to get an appointment at a major doctor’s office or hospital.  That’s three extra weeks of not knowing whether you’re infected, or if you’re at risk of infecting others.

Plus, doctor’s offices are going to be your most expensive option by far.  Simply put, there’s no good reason to call the hospital if you need STD testing.

Then there are at-home tests.  This might seem like a good idea since the samples can be obtained in the privacy of your own home.  However, there are still two big issues.  One is that you have to mail the samples, then wait for the test results to be mailed back, which will add a week or more to the process.

Also, at-home tests are limited in what STDs they can test for.  You cannot get a full-spectrum STD test at home.

The only way to receive true same-day STD testing is by visiting a local clinic – like Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena!  We’re fast, friendly, and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable.  Our services are affordable, and you’ll get your test results back in the shortest possible time.

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