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When exploring your care options, it’s important that you take urgent care from your local Alhambra team into full consideration. The urgent care process is a leading element within the modern medical marketplace, and now thousands of patients per years are utilizing this option. Within this post, we’ll explain why as we look at the benefits of urgent care services in your local Alhambra facility.

Fast care options

One of the leading reasons patients are moving away from visiting emergency rooms is it takes too long for their medical issue to be analyzed by a professional. Unless you experience a significant or life-threatening injury or illness, it’s unlikely you’ll see a doctor for several hours. This is to ensure the most important problems are prioritized. Because urgent care clinics in Alhambra only see relatively minor illnesses and injuries they can ensure that care is completed comparatively quickly.


A leading challenge within the emergency room is that the environment is chaotic and panicked. You don’t always know what’s going on and you may only find out later the true cost of care. This can be difficult for some to understand, as they have to spend thousands of dollars paying service fees for a service they may not know they received. When you visit an urgent care clinic, your costs are itemized throughout the process. You’ll see one bill which includes the fees for the doctor and for the use of any medical equipment or medication during your visit. There’s no confusion and no long-standing billing issues.


The entire environment of the urgent care clinic is designed in-line with family-friendly values. Young children won’t be exposed to dangerous situations in which gun-shot victims and those with significant injuries are in close proximity. The care is provided with an understanding that families share the same space and that security is the foremost consideration. It’s important that you consider taking your children to your local urgent care clinic where possible.

Our experienced team at Advanced Urgent Care is committed to helping protect you against long-standing health problems. We offer the leading local Alhambra urgent care facility and highly skilled staff. To discover more about our work, please call us today.



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