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The Benefits of COVID-19 Rapid Testing

COVID-19 remains a major hurdle while posing significant challenges to society. Getting tested for COVID-19 is essential to staying safe and limiting the spread of this virus. Choosing rapid testing for COVID-19 offers a wide range of benefits for anyone that needs much faster results compared to standard tests. Visiting an urgent care center is a convenient and easy option for receiving COVID-19 testing.

Here are four of the main benefits of scheduling rapid test services

  1. Quick Process

One of the biggest reasons to consider rapid tests for COVID-19 is that it provides much quicker results. These tests allow you to get results in only 15-20 minutes, which is much more convenient than waiting a few days for a standard test. In addition, the accuracy for a positive result is 99.99%, while the accuracy for a negative result is around 88.4% compared to a PCR test.

  1. Safe Environment

Another benefit of rapid testing for COVID-19 is that these tests are conducted in a safe environment. For example, these rapid tests at our clinic are performed near the back of the building to help keep you safe and avoid interacting with others. The entire testing process is designed to work as efficiently as possible while always keeping you safe.

  1. Peace of Mind

Waiting a few days for the results of a COVID-19 test is often a stressful experience. Scheduling rapid testing is a great way to get much quicker results. These tests will help you determine your next course of action without having to wait any extra days to ensure you receive the best treatment available.

  1. Simple Procedure

Rapid testing for COVID-19 is a fairly simple process. These tests can easily be conducted almost anywhere, which is important in limiting the spread of this virus. A trained medical professional will always perform the test, and you can know your results in less than 30 minutes.

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