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When it comes to your health or the health of a loved one, you don’t want to take any chances. If your problem isn’t immediate or life-threatening, then the Emergency Room is usually not the best place for seeking medical treatment. Instead of waiting around to book an appointment with your family doctor, why not take a trip to a 24-hour urgent care clinic. If you’re in the process of choosing where you should go get your health issue checked out, here or 4 reasons why we think an urgent care clinic is an amazing option. 


1. Immediacy

Perhaps one of the best parts about urgent care clinics is that you can access them immediately. Most clinics have extended hours, and many of them even provide 24-hour care. This means you don’t have to spend time waiting for an appointment with your regular physician. You can walk right into an urgent care clinic and be seen that day. Additionally, compared to the ER, urgent care clinics normally have much shorter wait times given that patients aren’t being constantly de-prioritized as more life-threatening issues are seen first in the ER. 


2. Efficiency

While you may be under the impression that at an urgent care clinic the only thing you can do is see a doctor right away, in actuality many urgent care clinics provide wraparound supports and comprehensive treatments. Maybe you need to get a blood test for STIs, or maybe you need to get an X-Ray for a potential fracture. At many urgent care clinics, there are services such as labs and x-rays which can do on-site testing while you’re there for your visit. Often these services are much more comprehensive than what you’d get at your family doctor’s office. 


3. Affordability

Another amazing thing about urgent care clinics is that they’re much less likely to break the bank than a trip to the ER. Of course, with insurance the cost for an urgent care visit will definitely be reduced, however particularly if you’re uninsured or don’t have a family doctor, an urgent care clinic will be much more financially feasible than a trip to the ER. 


4. Peace of Mind

Any health issues can naturally be a concern, and more often than not, sitting around and waiting for the problem to go away won’t do you any good. The best peace of mind is making sure you get any issues checked out quickly, thoroughly, and at a reasonable rate, and that is something an urgent care clinic can provide. 


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