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It happens to parents across the country on a regular basis. Their child wakes up and tells them they don’t feel like going to school today because they’re unwell. But how can you determine if your child is truly too sick to go to school? Our advanced urgent care team explains more in this latest post.


Does your child have a fever of over 100F? Before determining whether they’re too sick for school, ask them if they’re able to drink water. If they’re receptive to the idea and don’t seem in distress they may be able to go to school. But if they have a temperate of 104F or higher, they should stay home and see a medical specialist.

Stomach Ache

Another of the more common reasons for children to miss school is a stomach ache. If the child has a stomach ache without other symptoms, they should be able to go to school. The problem is most likely related to nerves. But if they have a stomach ache alongside other symptoms, such as a headache, or vomiting, then it’s important they stay home and see a specialist.


If the child simply has a runny nose, and some tiredness, they should be able to attend school. But a cold could be enough of a reason to stay home if their symptoms include fever, and wheezing. Make sure you take the child’s temperature to determine if they are missing school that day.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Make a Decision?

If you’re unable to tell if your child is well enough for school, you might consider a morning time visit to your local urgent care team. They can assess the child’s condition and help you to make the right decision for both the child’s long-term health and their education.

Our experienced team at Advanced Urgent Care near Alhambra is committed to protecting your children against common health issues. To discuss a health problem with an expert, call today.



Please note that our Urgent Care Facilities might not be able to treat all conditions similar to those described here and these patients are referred to a local emergency room if a high-level of care is required.

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