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It’s important that you’re able to allocate your time effectively. It can be very frustrating to wait for hours at an emergency clinic while waiting to speak to a doctor. And it’s for this reason many are now choosing to visit their local Alhambra urgent care clinic for treatment. In this new post, we’ll explain how Alhambra urgent care teams can save you time and money.

Focus on specific injuries

One of the reasons for the shorter wait at your local urgent care facility is that urgent care teams don’t respond to every medical issue that emergency clinics face. At emergency clinics, specialists must be able to respond to the full range of health issues, including potentially fatal problems that must be resolved immediately. Urgent care teams deal specifically with broken bones, cuts, bruises, concussions and other health issues, thereby ensuring a faster level of service

Itemized billing

A leading issue for those who have recently visited their local hospital is the bill they receive afterward. Oftentimes, they’ll receive a bill from the hospital and a bill from their health insurance company. They may also receive a separate bill for any pharmaceuticals they must take after their visit to the hospital. This doesn’t occur at the urgent care clinic. Urgent care billing is far simpler, and patients are immediately able to see the processes that they are being charged for as part of their bill.

Quick access to experts

At the hospital, it can often take hours of waiting before a patient sees a specialist. But because specialists at urgent care clinics are only seeing a few people a day with specific health issues, they can often be available on short notice for new patients. It ensures that patients are not left waiting for expert assistance after going through the triage process with a nurse.

Our experienced team at Advanced Urgent Care is here to help guide you in learning more about the urgent care treatment process in Alhambra. To learn more, please contact our local team today.

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