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Everyone knows that modern healthcare in America has problems.  It’s expensive, it’s hard to get access, and things are particularly difficult for people who lack insurance.  Even a completely basic doctor’s office visit for a checkup or physical could cost hundreds of dollars, making preventative care inaccessible for far too many people.

In fact, surveys have shown that anywhere from one-half to two-thirds of personal bankruptcies in America are because of medical bills.

So, it’s no wonder that people looked for an alternative – and the market is delivering.  Urgent care clinics, including clinics here in Pasadena, are one of the most important new ideas in American health care in decades.  They bring healthcare to the people, eliminating many of the problems seen in the traditional healthcare system.

Why More And More People Are Choosing Pasadena Urgent Care Clinics 

1 – Low costs

First and foremost, urgent care clinics are here to provide affordable health care.  They keep their prices as low as possible so that everyone can get the health care they need, without risking their bank account.  Urgent care centers don’t require insurance, either so literally anyone can come in for treatment when needed.

Of course, most clinics do accept insurance if you have it.  Otherwise, you’ll have plenty of friendly payment options, and most likely you can get deferred billing or a payment plan if needed.

2 – Quality care

The price for a Pasadena urgent care clinic may be low, but that doesn’t mean the quality of care suffers.  Everyone you see at an urgent care clinic will be a fully qualified doctor or nurse, with appropriate degrees and training.  You won’t be handed off to med school students either!

Plenty of doctors and nurses are aware of how broken the hospital system is.  They choose to work in urgent care specifically so that they can help more people – just like a good doctor should.

3 – Easy access

Urgent care clinics are also walk-in clinics.  An appointment isn’t necessary!  If you’re having a medical issue, you don’t have to wait for days to see someone about it.  You can simply swing by your local Pasadena urgent care clinic for treatment.

Although you can schedule an appointment if you prefer.  That’s always an option.

4 – Fast service

Another issue with hospitals – and especially emergency rooms – is how long you’ll often sit around waiting for treatment.  If you go to the ER for a situation that isn’t life-threatening, you could be waiting for hours since the doctors will always prioritize people who are in danger of dying.

On the other hand, urgent care clinics are always “first come first serve,” so you’ll be seen much more quickly.  Most patients are in and out within an hour.

5 – Telehealth services

Urgent care clinics have been among the first to embrace telehealth services.  This means, rather than going to a clinic to meet with a doctor in person, you use videoconferencing software on your computer or smart device to meet with the doctor from your own home.

Telehealth is easy and convenient, and it’s also even cheaper than standard office visits.  Telehealth appointments are also perfect for people with mobility issues, or those who are already sick – such as with COVID-19 – and don’t want to risk infecting others.

6 – A wide range of services

A good urgent care clinic will be able to handle just about any situation that isn’t immediately life-threatening.  They offer many different types of medical services, including:

  • Disease and STD testing
  • Physical examinations
  • Routine check-ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Chronic disease management services 
  • Burn treatment
  • Cyst treatment
  • Setting simple broken bones
  • X-rays
  • Asthma and allergy testing
  • Laceration stitching
  • Sports injuries
  • Animal bite treatment
  • And much more!

In addition, all urgent care clinics have prescription-writing privileges, and many have a pharmacy on-site.  There’s truly no easier way to receive all your basic medical care needs.

If It’s a True Emergency, You Still Need A Hospital

There is one type of case where Pasadena urgent care clinics can’t help, and that’s when a patient is truly having a life-threatening emergency.  Heart attacks, strokes, gunshots, and similar problems still need a trip to the emergency room.  Urgent care clinics are only for non-life-threatening situations.

However, you’re far more likely to need to talk to a doctor about a problematic rash, or nosebleed, or disease tests, than for something life-threatening.  Urgent care clinics are still your best choice most of the time!

For The Best in Pasadena Urgent Care, Visit Urgent Care of Pasadena

It’s all in the name.  Urgent Care of Pasadena is here to provide top-quality medical services to people in the Pasadena area, at affordable prices.  If you want a better, more affordable way to take care of your medical needs, come on by whenever you need us!

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