Individuals who require urgent care often deal with tremendous stress, which is only worsened when the patient does not have a full understanding of how to pay for these urgent care services. From insurance to out-of-pocket urgent care payments, there are a few important things to know before paying for services at an urgent care clinic.

The team at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena understands the financial stress that surrounds urgent care bill payments, and they have provided some essential information to help patients cover their medical expenses.

Ways to Pay for Urgent Care Expenses

Advanced urgent care Payments

Understand your insurance policy

Before racing to a 24-hour urgent care clinic, it is important to gain a full understanding of your insurance policy and what exactly it covers. Many patients are surprised to receive a medical bill after receiving urgent care. Most insurance providers in the United States cover urgent care, however, patients should always read their insurance policy, as this is often dependent on whether you pay for specific insurance packages or add-ons.

Can Urgent Care Bill You Later With Insurance?

Not all urgent care centers bill you later with insurance. However, some urgent care centers may allow you to pay at a later date using insurance. It is always best to check the policy of the urgent care center you have selected before your visit.

Come prepared with full payment if you are not insured

Uninsured patients should prepare for a standard appointment cost of up to $125, in addition to the full cost of other necessary screenings or medications. Patients should research the standard costs of the services they require, to prepare for a mandatory on-site payment and avoid any surprises. Common services such as digital X-rays can be performed in most urgent care clinics, and patients who require medication can look for a clinic with an on-site pharmacy, in order to take care of all their medical expenses in one visit.

Avoid the emergency room for more affordable services

Although patients can benefit from exploring all urgent care options before spending money on a particular service, the emergency room is famously expensive, and can often mean long wait times due to an influx of patients in need of urgent care. An initial visit to the ER is normally well over $1000, while the base cost of a visit to a 24-hour urgent care clinic is usually no more than $125. Highly rated healthcare professionals can be found across urgent care clinics, making it the optimal choice for those who wish to save money on medical expenses.

If you are experiencing health problems, which may require urgent care, Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena offers 24-hour services at an affordable rate and accepts most insurance policies. Call us today at 626-304-0404 to learn more!

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