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How to Choose the Right Walk-in Clinic

Choosing the right walk-in clinic is an important decision. People use these clinics for a variety of reasons, whether it’s a sprained ankle, broken toe, or COVID-19 testing. Visiting a clinic is often a better option than the emergency room due to its convenience and lesser costs. However, not all of these clinics or urgent care centers are equal, so it’s a good idea to do some research in advance to help you find the one to best meet your needs.

Here are a few things to remember before you choose a walk-in clinic.


The location of a clinic can play a key role in helping you choose which one to use. For example, it makes sense to visit a nearby clinic compared to traveling across town or to another city. Looking online can help you access a detailed list to see all of the different medical clinics in your location.

Hours of Availability

Not all clinics have the same hours of operation. One medical clinic might be open for eight hours per day, while another is open for twelve hours. Making sure the clinic is open every day is also important to ensure it’s available on the weekends if you ever need to visit an urgent care center.

Staff Expertise

Not all staff members at a clinic have the same background or expertise. Many times you can check out their background by visiting the website of the clinic. Understanding this information beforehand can help you determine if you need to visit a clinic or if you need to look elsewhere for medical services.

Convenience and Simple Service

One of the biggest reasons people use urgent care centers is due to the convenience. You can often receive medical attention within a few minutes instead of waiting hours in a crowded emergency room. You can also visit a clinic for a wide range of services, whether it’s for X-rays, seasonal care, occupational health, physicals, and much more.

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