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There’s a frequent criticism within the medical industry that research & development is, too often, focused on the needs of male patients over females.  However, this is changing!  There are so many exciting new technological developments that are just on the horizon, and they will most definitely be changing your local Pasadena women’s health clinic for the better.

These are just a few of the new technologies we’re genuinely excited about and will be following closely in the months or years to come.

Four Amazing New Technologies Coming to Your Pasadena Women’s Health Clinic

1. Increased app integration

Soon, you might not even have to visit your local clinic to get advice.  Apps are starting to hit the market which will allow women to directly contact the clinic, browse information, or integrate with wearable health devices such as heart rate monitors.  This will allow a much higher standard of care for all patients.

2. Ten-minute breast cancer scans

The FDA has just cleared a handheld device that is capable of detecting breast cancer tissue in ten minutes or less, painlessly, and without using harmful radiation.  Once these are widely available, they’ll make it quicker, easier, and cheaper to check for breast cancer than ever before – and hopefully help encourage more younger women to get into the routine of having frequent tests.

And coming soon after that?  Smart bras are currently in development, which will take your biometrics and monitor for signs of disease automatically!

3. Better post-childbirth care

Urinary incontinence is extremely common in women after giving childbirth, and options for dealing with it were rare.  New custom-designed devices are entering the market which can act as effective pelvic floor trainers, helping women firm up faster after childbirth, and making it easier for them to move around in the days following.

4. Ovulation monitoring bracelets

On the other side, getting pregnant may become much easier as well!  Following in the tradition of devices like Fitbit, a new wave of health-monitoring bracelets are on their way which will watch for ovulation.  Being able to monitor multiple body signs at once reduces the chances of false results, making planned pregnancies even more precise.

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