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How Does the STD Testing Process Work?

STD testing is not usually part of a regular checkup exam, as it’s a good idea to ask about a test with your nurse or doctor. While it may be initially awkward to have this conversation, it’s important to realize that medical professionals have either seen or heard it all. Getting tested is always the responsible thing to do in taking care of your body.

How to Ask Your Doctor About STD Testing?

Asking for an STD test is often an awkward conversation for many people. However, you can bring this up in numerous ways without feeling ashamed. For example, you may say that “I’ve never been tested for STDS before, do I need to be?” or “How will I know if I need to be tested for STDS?”. Understanding how to ask these simple questions can make it much easier to discuss this topic with your doctor or nurse.

How to Know Which STD Tests I Need?

A medical professional can help you figure out which tests you need by asking about your symptoms and if you or your partner ever previously had an STD. Other things to consider are the number of people you’ve had sex with recently, the type of sexual activity, and if you used any protection. All of this information will help your doctor understand which STD test is required, as it’s important to remain open and honest to ensure you get the medical help you need.

What Happens While I’m Getting Tested for STDs?

The process for STD testing is usually quick and easy. Each STD requires its own test, as a doctor can help you determine which test you will need. Different types of STD tests include a urine test, a cheek swab, or a blood test. You may also need to undergo a physical exam, as the nurse or doctor will look at your genital area for any sores, rashes, warts, discharge, or signs of irritation. Sometimes these sores need to be tested, as a medical professional will take a sample of fluid or swab to identify your medical condition.

You may also be tested for different infections due to some STDs having similar symptoms. It’s possible for a doctor to immediately determine if you have an STD, while other times, it requires testing that may take a few days or weeks. It’s also important to always follow up with a doctor to see your results if you don’t hear back from them in a reasonable amount of time.

What Do I Need to Do If I Have an STD?

Finding out that you have any type of STD can often be a scary experience for many people. You may feel a wide range of emotions, as it’s important to remain calm and to understand you are not alone. The first thing you need to do is to always follow the directions of your doctor in how to treat an STD.

It’s also critical to tell anyone you’ve had sex with to ensure they can also get tested and receive treatment if needed. While this isn’t always the easiest conversation, it’s important to discuss this as soon as possible.

Fortunately, many STDs can often be cured with medication, as it’s important to follow the treatment plan from your doctor. However, some STDs can’t always be cured with medication, but there are often plenty of ways to treat your symptoms while also preventing you from giving an STD to any one of your future partners.

Additional Things to Consider

Getting an STD isn’t something to feel ashamed about, as most people get at least one STD in their lives. The reality is that getting an STD can happen to nearly anyone that’s been in a sexual relationship with someone, and some STDs can even spread to others in non-sexual ways. Reaching out to a local counselor or therapist is also helpful if you are struggling with this medical condition. Online support groups are also available for people living with STDs.

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