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A Guide to the Benefits of MIPS Incentives – by Our Urgent Care Team

MIPS or the Merit-based Incentive System allows Medicare physicians to be paid for care based on four distinct performance categories: cost, quality, clinical practice improvement, and advancing care information. So, urgent care teams can now earn incentives by utilizing MIPS. In this latest post, our team explores the benefits of MIPS incentives.

Higher Scores Attract Quality Physicians

In the healthcare environment, where every advantage matters to the organization, having higher MIPS scores allows your organization to attract the very best physicians. Physicians will now look to the MIPS scores for guidance on the quality of the institution, and the highest-scoring organizations will be able to show qualified physicians that they are committed to supporting their team.

Payment Adjustments

Physicians within the institution will qualify for payment adjustments according to their MIPS use. This will mean they can earn more money while providing a higher quality of service to their patients within their practice. The goal is to continually improve service while ensuring the most qualified physicians are rewarded for their consistently high level of work.

Greater Reporting Levels

Working with the MIPS system towards the incentives will also provide the organization with a greater level of data from their service teams. The system incentives the use of reporting tools within the organization to highlight the quality of service provided. By continually offering reports from their team and maintaining their commitment to MIPS, healthcare providers can ensure they have actionable data available to make informed choices for their patients.

Avoiding Penalties

The new MIPS system also includes penalties for those who do not commit to the effective management of data. The best way to receive the incentives is to submit a full year of data and to analyze your use of MIPS for maximum value. Urgent care teams near Alhambra can avoid penalties by following the regulations closely and making effective decisions on data to include within their reporting.

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