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What Does Everyone Need to Know About STD Testing in Pasadena

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but a truth that everyone should accept: if you are sexually active, you are at risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).  That’s all there is to it.  More than a million people around the world will contract an STD each day, and too many of them incorrectly thought they weren’t at risk.

If you have sex regularly – even with a single committed partner – you should be receiving STD testing regularly as well.  It’s genuinely the only way to protect yourself, as well as your partner(s).

Here are just a few things we at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena want people to know about STDs and STD testing.

 Four Important Facts About STDs And STD Testing in Pasadena

1 – There’s no perfect protection against STDs

No type of contraceptive or barrier is 100% effective.  Diaphragms can fail.  Condoms can break.  STDs can also be transmitted through any type of sex, including vaginal, anal, digital, and oral.  Even abstinence isn’t a truly 100% effective measure, since STDs can be passed through blood, needles, and other nonsexual sources of bodily fluids.

2 – STDs don’t necessarily show symptoms

Many STDs have a long incubation period, lasting weeks or even months, during which a person is infectious but has no symptoms at all.  Sometimes those symptoms are extremely mild, or commonplace as well.  You can have an STD without knowing about it and pass it on to sexual partners as well.

Some STDs can even go into remission, hiding in your body, seemingly gone but waiting for a chance to come back.

3 – STD testing is the only way to know for certain that you’re clean

It’s just that simple.  There’s no single surefire way for a person to diagnose themselves, and no clear warning signs that apply in all situations.  Anyone who is sexually active, or has been in the past, should periodically receive an STD test to make sure they’re healthy.

4 – STD tests are safe, fast, affordable, and discrete 

Testing science has come a long way since the days that you had to wait for days or weeks to get tests back.  Today, you can get same-day STD testing at your local Pasadena urgent care clinic, done with complete privacy and respect.  They’re affordable as well – we want you to be safe.

STD Testing & More

If it’s been too long since your last STD test, don’t continue to gamble on you and your partner’s health.  Contact for a fast and affordable STD test.

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