18 Dec 2019

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Feel Comfortable Visiting an STD Clinic

Many sexually active people avoid testing for STDs at a nearby clinic. This may be out of misinformation about sexual health, fear of embarrassment, or anxiety over the possibility of receiving a frightening result. The knowledgeable team at Advanced Urgent Care of Pasadena has provided five reasons why you have no reason to feel uncomfortable […]

15 Mar 2019

Does Health Insurance Cover Urgent Care STD Testing?

Does Health Insurance Cover Urgent Care STD Testing?

STD testing can help to reassure you when you are experiencing health symptoms. But it’s important to know your options when you require a test completed. Urgent care STD testing can be a great alternative to STD testing in a hospital or emergency room. In this latest post, we’ll explain how health insurance can cover […]

10 Mar 2019

Why You Should Choose Urgent Care Clinic Services

When most of us are ill, we tend to either visit our emergency room or wait and book an appointment with our doctor. But what if the issue is an emergency that requires dedicated care outside the emergency room environment? One of the best options for your care needs is an urgent care clinic. In […]

5 Mar 2019

The Value of Urgent Care Clinic Services

When you are experiencing a health issue, the most obvious option is to visit an emergency room and see a doctor. But oftentimes this isn’t the right choice for your particular health challenge. Our team at Advanced Urgent Care has great experience in the healthcare field, and in this new post, we’re taking a look […]

20 Feb 2019

Urgent Care STD Testing – How to Talk STDs With Your Partner

It’s a very good idea for anyone who is sexually active to visit an urgent care STD testing clinic in Pasadena at least once a year for an STD exam, or whenever they’ve gotten a new sexual partner.  No one wants to think about the potential of picking up an STD, but it’s always a possibility. As […]

10 Feb 2019

Save Money by Visiting an Urgent Care Clinic in Pasadena

It’s no secret that healthcare prices are out of control in America.  Visiting a doctor’s office for something simple like a physical exam, or round of flu shots, can cost you hundreds of dollars.  Or if you need a trip to the ER, the costs of care can be absolutely ruinous! Fortunately, there is an […]

1 Feb 2019

There Are So Many Reasons to Visit Pasadena Urgent Care!

For many people, when they realize they need medical services, they only think of two things: a doctor’s office, or the hospital.  However, we want people to know there’s a third option, and it’s the best option in many different scenarios:  visiting a Pasadena urgent care clinic instead! In fact, every day more people are […]

30 Jan 2019

Urgent Care STD Testing Options for the Over 50s

The studies show that those 50 and over are now at an even greater risk of experiencing health issues related to sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Unfortunately, many in this age group believe they are at a low risk of contracting STDs and are uneducated about the risks involved. In this post, our urgent care STD […]

20 Jan 2019

An Overview of Urgent Care in Pasadena

Having access to qualified medical care in your community can help you remain healthy for years to come. But beyond going to the emergency room when feeling unwell, what other options are available? Many are now discovering the benefits of visiting their local urgent care clinic. In this post, we’ll present our overview of urgent […]

10 Jan 2019

Should You Visit an Urgent Care Clinic or an Emergency Room?

Making the choice between an urgent care clinic or an emergency room when reviewing your options can often make all the difference in terms of your treatment experience. The emergency room might seem like the ideal option for your injury or illness but oftentimes the urgent care clinic is preferable. Let’s explore the differences between […]

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