15 Jan 2021

Benefits of Visiting Your Nearest Urgent Care

In the past few decades, urgent care clinics have exploded in popularity. While having a primary care physician is important, it can often take days or weeks to schedule an appointment. Walk-in urgent care clinics are a great option for less serious injuries or illnesses which don’t require an emergency room visit. Check out some of these […]

10 Jan 2021

Lateral flow testing- The New Rapid Covid-19 Test

When it comes to Covid-19 testing, it can often be tricky to sort through what type of test is the best option for you. If you’re looking for rapid Covid-19 testing, then a lateral flow test might be a great option for your needs. Read on to find out some more info on what lateral flow […]

5 Jan 2021

Teladoc vs. Doctor on Demand

Teladoc vs. Doctor on Demand

With the rise of online healthcare, it has never been easier or more convenient to see a doctor. Connecting with a healthcare practitioner from the comfort of your own home is an amazing way to stay on top of your own health, while also avoiding many of the risks associated with going into a doctor’s […]

15 Oct 2020

What COVID Testing Near Me Tells: More People Are Now Eligible for COVID-19 Testing

In the beginning stages of the COVID pandemic, disease control centers were advising the public to avoid entering healthcare facilities in order to stop the spread of the virus. Although many U.S. citizens were asking the question, “where can I find COVID testing near me?,” healthcare providers were limited by state-mandated restrictions regarding large-scale testing. […]

1 Oct 2020

How a Telemedicine Doctor Works as Urgent Care

Healthcare professionals have been looking for an effective digital alternative to urgent walk-in clinics for years. Not only is telehealth more accessible for patients who require urgent care, but it also enables physicians to see more patients per day and reduce wait times for all. By consulting with a telemedicine doctor via video conferencing, the […]

16 Mar 2020

Visit Your Local Pasadena Urgent Care Clinic for Same-Day STD Testing

If you have reason to think you’ve been exposed to a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), time really is of the essence.  You need to know the truth as soon as possible, for your sake, as well as the sake of anyone else you might come into contact with.  That means looking for medical services offering […]

9 Mar 2020

Why You Should Visit Your Pasadena Women’s Health Clinic for A Full-Body Checkup

When is the last time you’ve had a full-body checkup?  Has it been months?  Years?   People often bypass checkups and wait to become sick or injured before visiting a healthcare provider.  However, this isn’t a good idea – especially not when you can get full body check-ups at easily affordable prices from your local Pasadena […]

2 Mar 2020

How Technology Will Be Changing Your Women’s Health Clinic for The Better

There’s a frequent criticism within the medical industry that research & development is, too often, focused on the needs of male patients over females.  However, this is changing!  There are so many exciting new technological developments that are just on the horizon, and they will most definitely be changing your local Pasadena women’s health clinic […]

9 Jan 2020

How to Pay for Your Urgent Care

How to Pay for Your Urgent Care

Individuals who require urgent care often deal with tremendous stress, which is only worsened when the patient does not have a full understanding of how to pay for these urgent care services. From insurance to out-of-pocket urgent care payments, there are a few important things to know before paying for services at an urgent care […]

4 Jan 2020

How to Differentiate STDs from UTIs

STDs and UTIs can often be mistaken for one another due to their similar symptoms. It is important to understand the differences between these two infections, as they drastically differ in treatment and health risks, meaning sexual active individuals should seek out same-day testing as soon as symptoms of an STD appear. The knowledgeable team […]

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