Why Urgent Care

The Advanced Urgent Care walk-in clinic focuses on giving the immediate care you need when an Emergency Room Visit is not necessary.

Highly Qualified Healthcare Providers

We know your trust is valuable. That is why all of our providers are hand picked and highly qualified. We want to make sure you have the professional care that you need.

Pasadena Urgent Care Hours

Monday – Friday
Saturday – Sunday
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Our Services

We offer a variety of walk-in care solutions for adults and children. For more information about Advanced Urgent Care in Pasadena, Contact Us. For All Life Threatening Medical Emergencies CALL 911!

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6 Apr 2018

Can You Trust the Doctors at An Advanced Urgent Care Clinic?

Advanced urgent care clinics are a relatively new form of healthcare, one intended to bridge the gap between overcrowded-and-understaffed free clinics and much more expensive primary care facilities.  Understandably enough, being new, this causes people to wonder about the quality of the care they’ll receive from an advanced urgent care center. Well, first things first:  […]

5 Apr 2018

Should You Visit Your Primary Doctor or Urgent Care serving Alhambra?

With the expansion of urgent care clinics serving Alhambra, you have more options than ever in finding the healthcare you need, when you need it.  However, that’s not to say that an urgent care clinic can fully replace a full doctor’s office or hospital.  Urgent care has a shorter list of services they can provide […]

4 Apr 2018

How to Help Prevent Accidents on The Job

At our Alhambra urgent care clinic, we spend a lot of time treating people who have been hurt while on the job or handling workman’s compensation examinations.  However, the best way to deal with workplace safety is to avoid getting hurt in the first place!  We spend time on outreach and educating people on how […]